service brand                           Happy smile  
promote slogan                       New West Street Hotel, a warm home. Get together New West Street Hotel, brilliant achievements in life
Survival awareness                  Guests can have no hotel, the hotel can not do without guests  
Hotel style                               To clean the beautiful environment, high-quality and stable products, fast and efficient service to win customers
Hotel goal                                Continuous innovation, advancing with the times, the achievement of first-class hotel  
Hotel purpose                          Satisfy customers, train loyal customers and make them come again
Hotel atmosphere                    Family love, relaxed, elegant, noble
Hotel shop flowers                   Osmanthus  
Hotel spirit                               Be fair, seek truth from facts, work together, take the initiative to create, fair competition
Business positioning                 There are moods of the high-level business hotel 
Values                                      Cherish the reputation of the hotel, respect guests and colleagues without losing dignity
Winning magic                         Team supreme  
Quality concept                        Pay attention to detail, perfect cost concept reasonable expenditure, cost leadership  
Development concept              Not necessarily long-term large enterprises, only to adapt to changes in the market enterprises can be long-term
Management essentials             Accumulate and analyze data, build system and perfect system  
Management positioning           Seamless service, product defect-free, work error-free, management loopholes  
Management style                     Management without lover affectionate  
Business strategy                      The brands, service offerings and sales channels and competing partners form the market recognized differentiators  
Service aphorism                      Guests can always expect higher, we will continue to pursue better  
Service management tips          Details, details, or details check, check, or check
Management policy                   High, strict, thin, real. High - high starting point, high standard, high efficiency; strict - strict system, strict management, strict discipline; fine - meticulous ideological work, subtle services, meticulous work plan and inspection; The work must be implemented and the work carried out should be solid and reflect the truth of the situation  
Three elements of work             Always know the goal, always have a plan, never forget the time  
Four services                             The superior is the subordinate service, the second line is the first line service, the procedure is the next procedure service, the full member serves the guests Five mutually respect each other, mutual understanding, mutual care, mutual cooperation, mutual supervision  
Six guidelines                             The higher level is the lower level service, the lower level is responsible for the higher level; the lower level has the error, the upper level undertakes the responsibility; the higher level may be the leapfrog inspection, the lower level may not asleep request the lower level may leapfrog the complaint; the upper level may not be able to leapfrog the command; Subordinate comments superiors  
Seven standards of conduct      To be honest to the customer To be responsible to the enterprise To be responsible to the staff To be dedicated to the work To be honest to the superior To cultivate the colleague to be helpful
Employee image mode                Gentlemen and ladies attitude to gentlemen and ladies to provide quality services to customer-oriented business philosophy, guests need to provide services; guests never wrong
Tips for quality service                 Treat your guests with enthusiasm and try to meet the wishes and needs not expressed by the guests